Weddings Affected in Quarantine

A big question arises for couples planning their wedding as to ‘How to get married during Quarantine?’ Sadly the answer remains ‘Don’t’. In such a terrible and scary time where self-isolation has to be taken seriously and is the only way out, thinking of a wedding to happen with a huge gathering may appear as a joke during lockdown and is nearly impossible.

When literally everything is at major hold right now, weddings which were planned months ago with all preparations are at stand by. A wedding could still happen but is it a celebration worth having if important relatives and friends can’t attend it? Weddings have become the logistical casualty of the disease around. Weddings are an intense coronavirus disruption- both emotionally and financially.

A cancelled wedding is also taking a huge toll and devastating effects on vendors, companies and workers who rely on the event for income. And definitely this lockdown has shaken up so many families who were planning the most significant days of their lives. Guest counts for wedding has very much gone down due to travel issues. But meetings with your wedding planners can still take place virtually rather than in person.

With so much crisis going on, people who were coming from the affected regions should abide by the protocols. There is no harm in temporarily postponing the date of the marriage because safety and wellbeing is more crucial during lockdown. Soon after the lockdown it’s going to be a scatter planning everything.

But how about getting all the wedding services planned at one place so that couples can decide every aspect of their wedding in quarantine and have the most beautiful wedding after lockdown. With the expertise in wedding planning, ‘Divine weddings’ have A to Z services available to make the D-day absolutely perfect which includes all the amenities with the most professional and accomplished wedding planners in order to create a beautiful memory of the beginning of togetherness.

Given the significance of a wedding, we dedicate ourselves completely to ensure that your personality is shining through. We believe in taking care of even the tiniest detail to perfection. Taking inspiration from your grand vision, we develop personalized designs. We have all services available for your wedding timeline.

From Best Mehendi Artists for a glorious mehendi ceremony, the best choreographers for the sangeet to add the glamour and spice to the wedding, catering services with special menus to impress everybody’s taste buds to the best stylists to bring the complete attire look of bride and groom. We let you choose the services as we take orders for individual services too, if getting all of it is not your requirement.

We make sure that years down the line you will always cherish your wedding day. Contact us now at or 7710005556 to plan an extravagant wedding.
And lastly no one is fond of this unwelcomed wedding guest but we can surely wait for its departure to make all the dream weddings happen. Happy and Safe Quarantine!

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