Brand activation & integration

Making your brand Customer’s first Choice!

Brand connection with audience on a personal level is not just to bonus but is mandatory for your brand to survive all competitors and market. And for that your brand should reach where your target audience is present, effectively. The brand activation strategies we put ensures better awareness of your brand in market. The entertainment people love is the way we Integrate your brand with entertainment channels to create a seamless experience for customers to interact with your brand which will ensure your brand is not only there to survive in market but loved by your customers. A long lasting connection and thorough engagement with your customers is what you get with our remarkable expertise.

Our brand launches in market;

Alna Care, Foodies and Cal Cosmetics are the examples of our impact full brand activation and integration.


C.A.L Cosmetics Launched in 2016, Cal cosmetics is a premier cosmetic brand, offering quality professional makeup products with the aim to meet the diverse needs of the urban and modern woman. Our marketing service for the brand with the support of an experienced sales team is backed up with Marketing rights.


Alena Care, an authentic skin care brand whose ideas revolve around combining natural beauty rituals with modern hint of aesthetics which give complete emphasis on pleasure of use, benefits to skin and relaxing experience. Our products are showcased in various exhibitions including Professional Beauty Mumbai at Nesco.


Foodies offer catering services which cover complete food preparation and presentation for formal and informal gatherings. Apart from preparing lavishing and delectable dishes, our caterers always arrange special menus for various type of events which can impress everybody's taste buds.