Corronet innovations Pvt Ltd assures to provide an extraordinary infrastructure in the field of event management and goes the extra mile in the areas of coordinating and managing high-end Social event, Consumer event, Conferences, Corporate or entertainment events, regardless of the size or industry orientation.


Over the years Corronet Innovations have produced several prestigious and notable high profile events like Indian Wedding Couture, IBM Awards, Divine Weddings, Thank You Maa, Kiddies Fashion Show,and Corronet Studio

Our objective is in delivering emotive and spectacular Fashion and Beauty Shows, which depends on having a great team, as there are many specialists who need to work closely together to deliver the right results and showcase the designers’ creative vision. Fashion and design is such a specialized, unique industry it requires a caring, individualized approach and delivery.

For our clients we can do budgeting, casting, venues, back of house management, sourcing and booking of top-level stylists, hair and makeup crews, lighting design, music, be it live or pre-recorded, set/runway design, audio-visual content, front of house seating management and the unique welcoming of the most important celebrity guests at the show.

We have immense experience in the fashion and beauty industry.