Quarantine! A Boon or Curse for Kids?

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Quarantine! A Boon or Curse for Kids?

Parents thought bedtime was difficult for kids but quarantine burst that bubble. Now it’s also not easy to make your children stay at home all day due to lockdown.

Just sitting at home is definitely getting them frustrated than ever. The irony is those parents who used to tell their kids to go out and not sit at home all day with smart phones are now forcing them to stay at home doing whatever they want them to do.

The initial phase of the spread of Corona saw people going out but taking little safety precautions like wearing mask and maintaining safe distance but as it is total lockdown now, one has to strictly be at home. But to see the bright side of what we think is a problem is the opportunity parents have to make this quarantine beneficial for the kids.

With this extended spring break kids have, while their exams are postponed or even cancelled, they might be happy that they don’t have to study but staying at home all day can leave them in a fuss. This is the golden opportunity to get the family together and play some board games together.

This is an opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen and bake something; a cake, cookie or any magic together. This unscheduled lockdown can be made an unscheduled surprise for your kid each day. A Quarantine Playlist can be prepared, having new tasks to do each day.

Simple tasks like building puzzles, entire family doing yoga together, pulling out the crayons, colors, pencils, paints day, imitating the masters or creating an original artwork day. Kids will love this playlist for them which keeps them engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Parents are now finding out that it is, infact possible to work remotely, stay productive while being for your kid. Another thing, exciting and useful would be learning a new language. Exposing children to a foreign or second language at an early age helps them develop an “ear” for the language and achieve better pronunciation and fluency later in life.

Also Quarantine is a great opportunity to increase that bonding with your kid, have a real conversation with them. Also when kids feel it’s a safe space they have with parents, they may even tell their worries which parents must have less known.

With all these things which can happen for your kids just by staying at home safely, then it’s definitely getting rid of any quarantine blues, and most definitely is a BOON!